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Thursday, 18 October 2007

If you want to add a little star on your page that when click upon the user will save your site to his favorites, add this to your page, below the <head>:


function addbookmark()
bookmarktitle="your site"
if (document.all)


Then put this part where you want to see the actual button (you can also use text link if you want):

src="" alt="Add to
Favorites" name="Image40" border="0" height="28"

Now you can see a little bookmark star on your page. When you click on it you'll be asked to save the page to your favorites.

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Comments (2)
1. 14-10-2008 17:27
OK with MSIE but is there a variation that will work with Firefox browsers?
Written by Geoff Riggs (Guest)
2. 31-01-2008 04:45
nice script
helps a lot
Written by oren (Guest)
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