Prevent backslashes from getting filtered in FireBoard posts
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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

If you see that every link you wrote in a Fireboard forum is getting stripped of its backslashes, its done for some security issues.

I like it when you can see backslashes in URLs, but that's just me.

If you want to bring them back, do this:

Find the file: [JOOMLA SITE FOLDER]/components/com_fireboard/template/default/view.php

Replace this line: $fb_message_txt = stripslashes(smile::smileReplace($fb_message_txt, 0, $fbConfig['disemoticons'], $smileyList));

With this line: $fb_message_txt = smile::smileReplace($fb_message_txt, 0, $fbConfig['disemoticons'], $smileyList);


Thats it, problem solved.

(This solution was discovered by Raghu Veer from

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1. 08-08-2014 10:50
Steve 1) Is your ser
Steve 1) Is your server Windows or Unix based? (I found that geetnv function has some issues on Windows and needs to be replaced with $_Server[] this applies to the original version, I don't know if this was changed in the new version.)2) Is the time and timezone set correctly on your local PC And Server? The cookies in Muvar (the original version) are set to expire in 10 hours, so if your PC is more than 10 hours off they may be deleted right away. I think your issues seems to be that the cookies don't overwrite, or rather, new cookies get created each time so read on 2) Do you have access to the php.ini file? If so, check the setting for session cookies, the following shows the ones I'm thinking about and their default values.session.use_cookies=1session.use_only_cookies=1session.cookie_lifetime=0session.cookie_path = /session.cookie_domain = Just brain storming here Fred
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