FireBoars latest posts module
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Sunday, 06 April 2008
This is a great module that shows the latest posts in your Fireboard forum.

You can pick the number of posts to show and the place in your website to show them.

Go to the autor website to download:

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Comments (3)
1. 30-07-2013 20:10
So reading your alitcre I apparently followed the right steps. But I have a problem and i thought maybe you or anyone could help me. I want the i-frame to show nearly the full page (90% window width) so overlapping the content the header/footer and the main menu of the normal page (of course with a close button to go back to the main page).I tried the following in joomla:A- As you described and in the menu wrapper I did specify the height/width but it does not work it shows the i-frame in the the content column and not full screen. ( I tried with % and px)B- made a module custom linked this to an other menu. In the module custom I put the html code for the i-frame and in an external style sheet the css. Getting the same results as with the wrapper menu just shows the i-frame in the content section.I am new to joomla designed my own template do I maybe need to add a module to the index.php file or is there an other way?Please if any one knows how to fix this let me know. Thanks a million PS the html & css i use works fine in a normal website.
Written by Farlen (Guest)
2. 15-05-2008 10:58
Written by oren (Guest)
3. 13-05-2008 06:25
very good comp
i use it
Written by oren (Guest)