Is DMOZ alive?
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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

For you who don’t know, DMOZ is the largest human edited link directory on the web. If you have a website you follow some guidelines and submit it to the directory.

It used to take about 3 weeks to 4 months till someone read your submission and approved it or rejected it. If you got rejected no one would tell you and you wouldn’t know what to do. If DMOZ editors accepted you request you get an email stating that and your website is in the directory.

A lot of other directory applications, modules and components use DMOZ as their base data. If you got in to DMOZ, after a week or so your link would be in at least 500 other websites, which is pretty good.

In the past year I’ve submitted about 5 new, unique content websites to DMOZ and got no reply. I can’t see a reason for my website to get rejected from the directory and off course I didn’t get any explanation. Could it be that DMOZ is dead? I’ve even tried to get in as an editor and got no reply.

If DMOZ is a dead or dying project someone should pick up the glove and create a replacement or buy it. It’s a massive database of knowledge and hard work.

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Comments (3)
1. 14-02-2010 12:56
no answer for years
and afraid to post sites a second time :)
Written by Administrator (Registered)
2. 07-10-2008 05:57
Trouble in paradise
I was a DMOZ editor for a number of years. I kept my categories well organized and useful. I also rejected a lot of sites based on the DMOZ rules or that were not applicable. 
I would often write to webmasters or site owners and tell them why their site was rejected. It was usually due to spamming practices or place holder (under construction pages) that DMOZ clearly prohibits. Overly aggressive submitters that submitted to every category under the sun were just dumped. I NEVER received a positive response to simple suggestions that would get sites listed (like removing \"Under Constuction\" notices or dead links to pages that had not been created. 
However, someone reported that I was \"interfering\" with their DMOZ website listing. I do not know who made the complaint, or what I was supposed to have done. Since I am the host or webmaster for a lot of the sites in my niche arts/crafts category I was very careful to avoid anything that could be deemed impropriety. But with no explanation, no recourse, no chance to defend myself, I was OUT. 
Since then I have built hundreds of sites for myself and others and not submitted them to DMOZ due to the bad experience AND the fact that I felt my submissions were being rejected because they were mine, not because of the content on the site. 
Recently I have been using Google Analytics and their webmasters tools. I carefully watch new listings, many on rather arcane odd subjects. It often takes Google a couple weeks to pick up a listing and it helps a LOT to have links to it from other sites. Shortly after google lists your site Yahoo (the me-to guys now) pick it up and then the other wanabees. If you have sufficient content that is unique enough the site will generate traffic from google without a lot of help. Google will spider a new site with dozens of pages and list them all immediately after as long as they have proper titles and META descriptions. It takes longer for the system to determine ranking. If your tags are not right you will get dumped into the dreaded \"sandbox\" and may not get out for months. It REALLY pays to have everything right before that first scan by the spider. Don\'t even TEST until those two items are perfected. 
I have also been running google ads and I do not know if this helps the google listing or not. I DO believe it has an effect on other indexes that may be tracking links to sites they include. . but this is just a feeling. 
I think internal politics has made DMOZ an unhappy place to be a volunteer and that while they certainly helped listings they are not nearly as important as they once were. After 4 years I recently submitted a very interesting site and two months later I do not think the editor has acted on it.
Written by A.Multi.Webmaster (Guest)
3. 23-04-2008 05:34
i agree
i havnet got any reply from them either
Written by lian (Guest)