Change or recover Joomla Administrator password
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Monday, 21 July 2008

If you forget the admin password it can be a little mess recovering it.

You will have to log in to your database (phpmyadmin) and chnage it from there.

The password in the jos_users admin line is encripted.

Here is a great online tool to let you pick a new password and get its encripted form:

Password code

You can also use the SQL code this tool gives but sometimes the admin name is not 'Administrator' so it wont work.

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Comments (2)
1. 15-05-2012 12:13
The easiest way would be just to edit the files dilertcy off of the server. Komodo Edit (my editor of choice) allows editing of files over an FTP connection, so you can try that.If you don't want to be messing around with a live server, then you'll want a full build environment locally. I would set up both Joomla and MySQL on your computer, then push those to the server when things work. For that, you'd need the FTP username and password for all the Joomla files, and the MySQL username and password to import the SQL files. Was this answer helpful?
Written by Clara (Guest)
2. 06-11-2008 06:07
i found this tool very useful for restor
very simple and just two min. and you can restore your blocked hacked or forgetten joomla admin password 
try it and tell me !!!!
Written by joomla man (Guest)