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How to remove "Home" from title tag PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 19 October 2007

If you want to remove the word "Home" from your website title tag in joomla just find the file:


In line 503 you'll have to replace the function there with this:

function setPageTitle( $title=null ) {
if (@$GLOBALS['mosConfig_pagetitles']) {
$title = trim( htmlspecialchars( $title ) );
if ($title == "Home") {
$this->_head['title'] = $title ? $GLOBALS['mosConfig_sitename'] . " - ". $title : $GLOBALS['mosConfig_sitename'];


And put your own words to replace "Home" inside.

If you want nothing instead of "Home" just leave the $title empty. Like this: $title = ""

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Comments (5)
1. 28-04-2011 11:50
Great work
i am looking for the same, thanks for the solution, it worked for me.
Written by Umesh (Guest)
2. 25-11-2010 03:55
very good job. really helps me alot.
Written by bembo (Guest)
3. 08-05-2008 01:14
edit this from back-office
Just go to mainmenu, home and change the "name" and you will affect the same thing. It appears that the name of the mainmenu appends to the Global Configuration Meradata "Global Site Meta Description". 
Rather than spend cycles trying to fix this, I will just factor it in and adjust names so the "Title Tag" appears as I want collectively. 
Written by kurtp (Guest)
4. 04-05-2008 19:43
please ask in the forums
Written by admin (Guest)
5. 04-05-2008 17:42
Nice Job
Thank for this tip! This got rid of "Home". Except it replaced it with my site name. So I am left with "mysite - mysite". However I use Artio JoomSEF which might impact this? Any thoughts?
Written by Dave (Guest)
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