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IP addresses of hackers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 12 March 2008

This is a list of IP addresses that attempted to hack my website.

I will always update this list and add more IPs to it. These IPs tried to PHP inject and/or SQL inject stuff into my website and a security module catch them. I blocked all access to my website from these hacker IP addresses and you can feel free to put these IPs on your black list.

Hacker IP Address Hacker IP Address  03/24/08 update  04/23/08 update  06/16/10 update 2012 Update              

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Comments (39)
31. 04-12-2008 23:24
I know this ip 
I know him himself the owner of this ip hes a hacker and is atm on my forums 
Im thinking i should maybe ban his ip
Written by Chicken man (Guest)
32. 18-05-2008 13:51
nice man
thanks for adding this
Written by Administrator (Registered)
33. 16-05-2008 11:50
Tracked Down
And for you last guy: 
IP address 
Hostname wc-11.r-195-35-219.atwork.nl 
ISP Koninklijke Boom Uitgevers 
Country Netherlands Netherlands 
How to handle an abusive or fraud mail 
If you are tracking an abusive or fraud mail here is a possible list of email addresses to complain to. 
* peering@castel.nl 
* abuse@castel.nl 
* postmaster@castel.nl 
* helpdesk@castel.nl 
* info@castel.nl
Written by Reelix (Guest)
34. 16-05-2008 11:48
Who They Are
I decided to track down a random few. 
Here are the results: 
IP address 
Hostname Not available 
ISP ORG-NTL1-AFRINIC, Provider Local Registry 
Country Nigeria Nigeria 
IP address 
Hostname mail.bilgeonline.com 
ISP ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc. 
Country United States United States 
IP address 
Hostname dedicado1.servidoresquantum.net 
ISP ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc. 
Country United States United States 
IP address 
Hostname 206-221-184-180.fndns.net 
ISP Coporate Summaries 
Country United States United States 
IP address 
Hostname Not available 
Country China China 
They can be found :p 
Link To Tracking Site: Here 
E-mail me at 
4ree9lix7@gmail.com (Removing the 4, 9 and 7)
Written by Reelix (Guest)
35. 29-04-2008 07:28
posted in joomla components
you can find the link
Written by admin (Guest)
36. 25-04-2008 16:45
Thank You
Yes i use Joomla for my website and i am looking forward to your module. Thank you for your interest!
Written by Bilal Nadir DOAN (Guest)
37. 25-04-2008 07:59
the compunent is Jdefender
you can use it only if you use Joomla for your website. i will review it here in a few days.
Written by Admin (Guest)
38. 24-04-2008 16:45
Nice One
That is great. You cath your hackers. But how can i do for my website. I don't even know whether there is an hacking attempt or not? Would you please share your security module? How can i install it to my web site? Thank you
Written by Bilal Nadir DOAN (Guest)
39. 14-03-2008 05:17
Hacker IP
I agree: This address tried the same with my Website:
Written by Confirmer (Guest)

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