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IP addresses of hackers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 12 March 2008

This is a list of IP addresses that attempted to hack my website.

I will always update this list and add more IPs to it. These IPs tried to PHP inject and/or SQL inject stuff into my website and a security module catch them. I blocked all access to my website from these hacker IP addresses and you can feel free to put these IPs on your black list.

Hacker IP Address Hacker IP Address  03/24/08 update  04/23/08 update  06/16/10 update 2012 Update              

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Comments (39)
1. 03-05-2016 17:14
north american hacker
Constantly trying to scan and run various penetration tools against my home network.
Written by Dilo (Guest)
2. 03-05-2016 17:21
Tried to hack me
Written by ? (Guest)
3. 22-11-2015 03:03
Tried to hack me 
Hacked my email, using my alias, probably for phishing or spamming. Maybe some automatic program idk, annoying though
Written by one of these things (Guest)
4. 19-07-2015 10:31
Another hacker @
trying to hack my steam account
Written by Glen (Guest)
5. 13-12-2014 22:28
Another hacker @
Here's another for your list from the Ukraine:
Written by Ron (Guest)
6. 27-09-2014 02:33
ip is hacking my account please help.
Written by charles Nyakundi Mirimba (Guest)
7. 22-02-2014 07:10
Is also A Hacker hacked me on My youtube Account when I Locked itt
Written by Dope (Guest)
8. 30-08-2012 14:08
sounds good
how can i help?
Written by Admin (Guest)
9. 30-08-2012 00:10
Oracle Developer
I'm working on a database, collecting all the hacker IPS. This is great in that iptables could block ips from entering a single server but if we create a database with a proc that does a check of incoming IPs, we could potentially proctect a lot of servers from the blacklisted IPs. I would like to make this an open source project where we can create something like bind/named but with the purpose of blocking IPs instead of directing requests to resources. Same thing that happened to the host files. Take the idea from being a local file to being a global database.
Written by Reg (Guest)
10. 31-05-2012 07:06
we should make a better way to keep trac
I wouldn't mind hosting a website to keep track of this stuff so you, the author don't have to manually ad this stuff to a list. 
Does another site devoted to this task exist already? 
I know there are various softwares out there that track attacks and whatnot, but I would like a list of hacker IPs - straight up. 
Who moderates though...? and IPs can change, how would a list like this be kept current...? I'll make the website but I don't want to do that stuff... 
I hate to do this to you but here are some more get the time: 
Written by Mark McLaughlin (Guest)

Last Updated ( Monday, 23 April 2012 )
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